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Local & Licensed Medford Landscaping Company

This website uses cookies to improve your experience navigating our site. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Australian houses, from architectural masterpieces to suburban family homes, Victorian terraces, mid-century marvels, coastal shacks, city apartments, and everything in between.

We are so proud of the breadth that our Awards programs shows, and truly believe that the winners represent some of the best creative work that is being made in Australia right now. After two years of lockdowns, delays and hardships, the talent, innovation and ideas celebrated across this awards program makes us hopeful for the future.

And, of course, our presenting partner, Laminex. The talented Amanda Dziedzic made our one-of-a-kind glass trophies again — it is so wonderful to be able to reward each of the winners with these unique design pieces! Photo — Tom Ross. Mt Coot-Tha House by Nielsen Jenkins is a gentle, brutalist masterpiece completed for a family member of one of the architects, on an empty bushland block next to their shared childhood home in Brisbane.

Designed as a wedge that has lodged itself into the mountainside, the house wraps around a luscious green central courtyard, and provides both connection to and protection from the elements. A winding driveway snakes up to the front of the house, where the main living room is perched atop a two-car garage. As the site inclines, the rooms unfurl themselves. Climbing up the internal staircase beside the garage visitors are deposited into the living room, which takes full advantage of views over the bushy terrain at the front of the property.

This floor is where all the activity of the main house happens. At every point, the design for the Mt Coot-Tha House takes the connection to landscape into account. The project explores ideas of connection and refuge within a site characterised by its slope and extreme bushfire exposure. Mt Coot-Tha House is an intricate architectural response to a complex and challenging site.

Photo — Prue Ruscoe. Project inspirations range from contemporary Spanish tapas bars and their liberal use of tiling; surrealism; and rich colour gradations evoking a material take on the northern lights. To counterbalance the sobriety of its enveloping box-like frame shrouded in glass, a Pantone party of inviting soft landings and evocative stone surfaces represent a galactic material palette, with bold and oversized seating plus deep piled custom rugs strategically demarcating zones in the open living area.

Paramount to the outcome was a sense of emotional release. Colour, touch are the triggers, with tactile hard and soft surfaces at every turn, from a woven Missoni sphere light to the defined edges of undulating wall tiles.

This home is a joyous kaleidoscope of considered interior design. The Interior Design category is presented by Miele. Photo — John Gollings. The Victoria Emergency Services Memorial designed by Rush Wright Associates in Treasury Gardens is a place of sanctuary and reflection to reflect on the service and sacrifice of loved ones.

The design integrates the six emergency service organisations into one landscape setting and draws on historical references to transform the experience of a meandering walk at the edge of the lake into an evocative memorial response. The Landscape Design category is presented by Eco Outdoor. Photo — Romello Pereira. Johnny and Trent salvaged a selection of discarded aluminium mesh and used this found metal as the starting point for experimentation. The duo designed these pieces as they made them, starting with a mesh substrate cut vaguely in the shape of a chair, and together beat the material with hammers, concrete blocks and tree stumps until it took on a form that they both liked.

This beaten geometry was then softened by laminating New Zealand saddle leather to skin the mesh, masking its geometry and softening its idiosyncratic undulations. This project was designed to be an experiment in the generation of hybrid material culture and the outcomes were developed using methods that facilitate the most symmetrical collaboration possible. Visually sophisticated works that define our time and place, embodying bridged cultural values so optimistic and necessary.

The Furniture Design category is presented by Jardan. Photo — Cubed Studios. Recognising the waste created by conventional cling wrap, an architect and a natural winemaker teamed up to create Great Wrap.

This certified home-compostable cling wrap performs exactly like conventional cling wrap, except it breaks down into carbon and water in less than days when composted. Great Wrap is made from potato waste and a mix of other compostable biopolymers, and manufactured for home and industrial use at a solar powered factory on the Mornington Peninsula.

It is currently the only Australian-made compostable cling wrap. All packaging is made from recycled paper, and is also recyclable. The company has commercialised a price competitive solution to the plastic problem that allows homes and businesses to continue functioning as they do currently.

The Sustainable Design category is presented by Country Road. Right: Photo — Nina Fitzgerald for North. Over the last year her unique and innovative skills have transformed and Alicia created her first Baladjdji, which came to fruition as three smaller pieces that saw her accepted into the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards. Alicia has now expanded her idea to create this larger, brighter piece.

Combining both ancient and traditional methods, it demonstrates phenomenal weaving mastery. All materials used to create the Baladjdji are natural and collected on country. Amazing naturally dyed colour pallete, woven with pandanus intricately creating a unique form. Prioritising a slow approach to manufacture and design, each bag is meticulously handmade by Georgina using her traditional four shaft floor loom.

Completely left to chance, the colour palette of each piece is determined by whatever denim fabrication has recently been cut at the Thornbury based factory. From scraps to luxury artisanal bag, the process takes Georgina Whigham several hours to complete via the laborious process of cutting, layering, weaving, sewing and screen printing.

The final result is one of textual, Wabi-sabi brilliance, intended to be used for years to come. Photo — Alex Earl. Each rough and textured shade creates soft ambient lighting, and is unique due to the unpredictability of the glass moulding process.

Pieces in this collection are the result of months spent experimenting the possibilities of casting glass, combined with precision machined brass. The design uses cast glass in an unusual way not often seen in lighting, in that, rather than attempt to control all aspects of the material, the glass has been allowed to respond naturally to the process. Among key works is the Solt Pendant, which utilises recycled glass from glass blowing workshops. Alex Earl devised repeatable moulds to ensure minimal waste in the process of creating this collection, and all electricity used is derived from renewable energy providers.

The coming together of two distinct world views to create something entirely new, evoking memories and stories through highly skilled craftsmanship. Emerging Designer winner: Nicole Lawrence. Photo — Nicholas Wilkins. Working with a manufacturing-led design approach, Nicole Lawrence is a furniture, metal fabrication and lighting studio based in Melbourne. Nicole manufactures her own in-house collections of furniture and lighting, as well as providing design and production services to other local brands and studios.

Her approach to design is technique-driven, with curiosity and learning driving her motivation to design. Functionality before form is a key principle in all works delivered. Unconstrained by typical design precepts. The Emerging Designer category is presented by Phoenix Tapware. Read our newspaper online HERE. The Design Files acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we work, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

First Nations artists, designers, makers and creative business owners are encouraged to submit their projects for coverage on The Design Files — we would love to hear from you. The Design Files original content and photos are copyright protected. Please email us before re-posting our content elsewhere. Thank you! All Stories. Indigenous Art.

Homes Australian houses, from architectural masterpieces to suburban family homes, Victorian terraces, mid-century marvels, coastal shacks, city apartments, and everything in between. Family Homes. Mid Century. Country Garden. Public Garden. Small Garden. Suburban Garden. Vegetable Garden. Studio Visit. Extraordinary Routines. Dream Job. Small Business. Graphic Design. Industrial Design. Interior Design. On The Market. TDF Design Awards. Lucy Feagins Friday 22nd OctoberSO — without further ado.

The winners are…. Residential Architecture Winner — Nielsen Jenkins, Mt Coot-Tha House Mt Coot-Tha House by Nielsen Jenkins is a gentle, brutalist masterpiece completed for a family member of one of the architects, on an empty bushland block next to their shared childhood home in Brisbane.

Emerging Designer Winner — Nicole Lawrence Working with a manufacturing-led design approach, Nicole Lawrence is a furniture, metal fabrication and lighting studio based in Melbourne.

New concept design for Qianjiang Waterfront Digital Industrial Park in Hangzhou, China

How much would. Estimate the total cost for the Sunset Office park job if Lawn Care USA allocated costs of the Landscape Design activity based on the number of landscape designs rather than the number of landscape design-hours. A landscape with curved bed lines, informal plant arrangements and no pyramidal yews does not always qualify as a natural landscape. Natural elements such as landforms, terrain shape and elevation, or bodies of water; 3.

Business Management Equipment Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Lawn Care Fertilizers and Pesticides Landscape Design & Installation Irrigation & Water.

Landscape Architecture Scholarships

BRC Imagination Arts. Architecture and Engineering. Architecture and Interior Support. Michael Laird Architects. Dalziel and Pow. Landscape Architect and Garden Design. The Paul Hogarth Company. Atelier Ten. Thomson Bethune.

Landscaping Construction & design Burlington, MA

The trees were dying. Forty years of intense park use led to major wear and tear on all the facilities. Before the renovation work began on theAs part of the improvements, they were replaced and even more trees were added. Little Tujunga Wash, a drainage channel that traverses the park and flows into the Los Angeles River, was transformed into the centerpiece of the park.

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The choreographed distribution of boardwalks, paths, lookouts and recreational piers establishes an episodic rhythm of moments oriented to city and harbour landmarks. The deliberate articulation — push and pull — of the promenade edge provides for a layering of space that supports viewing, occupation and movement and the site specific response to varying coastal edge conditions. Site specific design interventions and interpretive content reveal the sites associations with pre-european as well as contemporary nautical histories and cultural narratives. The promenade incorporates generous sustainably sourced timber decking, a suite of bespoke seating and energy efficient lighting and low impact design initiatives that have exceeded aspirational sustainability objectives. The project has successfully merged together the existing working marina, existing and proposed land based activities and enhanced public access to a previously inaccessible waters edge.

Let’s get to know Johnny - the perfect guy for your landscape design.

For over 20 years Coastal Exposures Landscapes has provided high-quality landscape services to Lower Alabama. We provide services to both commercial and residential clients. From design to maintenance and everything in-between. I have personally done business with Johnny Young and Coastal Exposures for approximately 15 years. They have completed landscape designs and installs on developments as well as maintenance contracts on several of our developments and office buildings as well as residential homes.

New concept design for Qianjiang Waterfront Digital Industrial Park in Hangzhou, China · Johnny Jiang (MArch MDA (Master of Design Arts)).

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Line and Space, LLC was founded in in Tucson, Arizona to facilitate the design and building of environmentally sensitive architecture that respects and responds to existing site conditions. We strive for quiet integration of structure and landscape — our projects encourage and demonstrate notions of sustainability and environmental stewardship. We are students of regional influences and favor the deeper meaning of entry sequence, scale, materials, color and form, all of which are important in successful architecture. Our person staff collaborates in a creative, free-flowing studio; and in addition to being architects, we are general contractors.

Garden Landscaping in Johnny Hoppigas Place, 6725

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We do everything but dig the holes! Our Pre-Planned Gardens have been professionally designed by some of the biggest names in horticulture: our founder David Salman and garden designer Lauren Springer. Request A Catalog Here. Farm Family. One of the most important gardening tools where you need to invest in quality, is your pruning shears and garden clippers.

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Johnny's Ideas

Great guy to work with! Call him now. Fortunately for us, our two young boys proved us wrong and we found Johnny and Bon Terra! It was easy to pick Bon Terra. Their warmth, sincerity, knowledge, communication, efficiency and professionalism made the choice simple.

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Our services range from fertilization and weed control to customized landscaping and water features. At the same time, our newly implemented mosquito, flea, and tick control program will allow you to enjoy your backyard in a comfortable, relaxing setting. Our Services.

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